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    American Rare Breed Association
    Breeds, shows, registration, from ARBA.

  • THE RARE BREED DOG ASSOCIATION IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA WHAT DOES A "RARE BREED DOG" MEAN? Simply put, it is a dog not recognized by the American Kennel Club

  • MISSION STATEMENT The mission of the American Rare Breed Association is to serve and protect the "Rare Breed Dog" here in the United States

  • To promote and educate the public dog fancier about over 130 or more breeds from around the world that are not now recognized by the major kennel club of the United States, the American Kennel Club

  • Services : Rare Breed Dog registrations Rare Breed Conformation Dog Shows Judges Seminars Public awareness and education of the Rare Breed Dog ARBA will bring envelopes to the shows so that you can send in your old cell phone to support our troops

    Rare Breed Network Dog Breeds - Catalan Sheepdog, Catalonian Shepherd
    Photo and information on the Catalan Sheepdog.

  • Rare Dog Breed: Catalan Sheepdog, Catalonian Shepherd Information at a glance: Country of Origin: Spain Height: 18-22 in./45-55 cm

  • Registry: FCI Group: Herding Other Names: Catalonian Shepherd, Gos d'Atura Catala © Copyright 1996-2003 RareBreed Network™

    The Rare Breed Showcase
    This webring is for breeder, exhibitor, owner, and other informative and educational
    sites geared towards the betterment of rare breeds.

  • Welcome, Guest - - The Rare Breed Showcase Ring Manager: > > > > > > Dedicated to Rare Breed Dogs! Since this Ring is based in the United States, a 'rare breed' is defined as being a pure breed of dog that is NOT (yet) recognized by the American Kennel Club

  • Acceptable breeds must be recognized by FCI, The Kennel Club, Canadian Kennel Club, United Kennel Club or The American Rare Breed Association only! (*Sorry..

  • No 'poo' breeds or designer mixes!*) This is a show case for reputable breeders, exhibitors and owners of the Rare Breeds

  • We welcome informative and educational sites geared towards the betterment of these breeds and for people who seek excellence in them

  • Sites dedicated to rare breed rescue are heartily encouraged

  • 'Puppy for sale' and/or commercial breeder sites, commercial sales pages, sites littered with broken links or pop-ups ads, web design pages or other such sites which have nothing to do with the Rare Breeds are not appropriate to this Ring and will not be considered! Ring Information Ring Stats · Created 10/02/1998 · 72 active site(s) · 1 pending site(s) last action: 03/05/2006 · 3 page views today · 157872 total page views · Sites in Ring Sites 1 - 20 of 72 Search for in Sponsor Ring Site(s) this medium sized breed with the fox like face has a life span of 20+ years and are very healthy

  • info: RARE DOG BREED

    Photo by www.arba.org

    WorkingDogWeb -- Breeds and Breeders
    Listings and links on all breeds, plus multi-breed and rare breed sites, and
    breed origins.

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  • Johnson - a listing from the UKC UK Dogs - British Dog Breed Information Page What is a breed? & Breed Profiles - from Dog Owner's Guide

  • FIND BOOKS ON DOG BREEDS Breeds F-J Breeders [ ] Breeder Listings - many breeds, in the WorkingDogWeb Directory where you can add your kennel listing for free - find purebred dog breeders near you - listings of dog breeders - find dog breeders at PuppyNet.com - find dog breeders - find dog breeders in the United Kingdom - find dog breeders - listings of dog breeders

    Professor Hunt's Selected Dog Breeds
    An introduction to various dog breeds.

  • | Selected Dog Breeds

  • Below: | Breed groups (these are separate pages): | Breed Links have massive lists of breed links

  • Try these:, breed standards, Cindy Tittle Moore's incredibly comprehensive listing, of 100 breeds, (from Pro Dog), and the Dogpatch's Great Dog Pages, a more selective listing

  • Trudy and Clara the Airedale Terriers Present Dog Links is an alphabetical listing of breed sites with characteristic pictures (of real dogs) illustrating each breed

  • Below are some breed sites that appeal to me, mostly about breeds that I like; eventually most groups will be represented, though not necessarily most breeds

  • These listings make a special attempt to include (1) breeds not well known in the United States, and (2) websites from different countries

  • Still, many breeds common outside North America are underrepresented, or not represented at all--a case in point would be some of the great French hounds like the Grand Bleu de Gascoigne and its cousins, the Petit and Basset versions

  • S., please let me know! The listings below indicate what breeds have so far been included in these pages; you can save yourself a trip to a subpage by checking here to see whether your breed has been added yet

    Spinoni Italiani a Versatile Hunting dog - Spinone Club of America
    A comprehensive site on the breed. Breed history, rescue and adoption contacts,
    photograph galleries, calendar of events, health information, litter registry, ...

  • The breed has been characterized as a dog "...that does not hunt for themselves but for their master" and is "not too fast in their speed while searching out game"

  • Everything about this breed indicates great strength as well as stamina

  • This versatile breed is suited for hunting in all climates and on all terrain

  • The Spinone Club Of America is a not-for-profit organization and is recognized by the American Kennel Club as the Parent Club for the breed in the United States

  • It's mission is to promote the Spinone Italiano Dog Breed

  • The intent for this web site is to offer you an open forum of information about this wonderful, relatively rare, dog breed

  • Be sure to visit the for events in the new millennium of interest to Spinone enthusiasts In you can get an of the breed's conformation, temperament and history

  • The breeds origins appear to have been in the Northern Italy Piedmont region many centuries ago

  • Also, watch for breeding and information and concerns

  • The is of interest to breeders and those looking for a Spinone puppy

  • The Registry maintains lists of available puppies from reputable breeders that have met OFA and SCOA Breeding Requirements

    An Introduction to Breed/Mix Research & Source Selection
    Extensive information on choosing a dog. Mixed breed or purebred? Puppy or adult?
    Best place to get your dog -- shelter, purebred rescue, breeder?

  • DIRECTORY AN INTRODUCTION TO RESEARCHING DIFFERENT TYPES OF DOGS & FINDING THE RIGHT SOURCE What kind of dog, if any, will fit best with your lifestyle and environment (Mixed Breed? Purebred? If so, what mix or purebred?) Where is the best place to get your dog from? (Shelter? Purebred Rescue? Breeder? - If so, how do I locate one?) This article, and the companion document, '', can help you answer these and related questions

  • Return to the OR the INTRODUCTION My analysis of the traffic at the DogInfomat, as well as much of the email I receive, indicates that the Groups/Breeds section is one of the most frequently targetted sections

  • Additionally, many of the communications I receive indicates that many of you are looking for information to assist with breed selection and to locate breeders

  • As a matter of policy, the DogInfomat does not endorse or recommend using the internet as a predominate resource to find a breeder, puppies, dogs, stud services, or the like

  • Nor do I endorse or recommend specific breeders or kennels

  • However, some of the links included at the DogInfomat do reside at breeder or commercial websites

  • Benefits

    Photo by ec1.images-amazon.com

    Dog Breed Info: Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs
    Description, temperament, care, origin, and photographs.

  • > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Web dogbreedinfo Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog (Lana Lou Lane Bulldog) Photo Courtesy of Lana Lou Lane's Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs and Bullsblood Description The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog is a well-developed, exaggerated bulldog with a broad head and natural drop ears

  • This very rare breed is named as such for their streak of "royalty." It is a great watch and guard dog

  • This breed is an average shedder

  • Origin The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog is a very rare breed

  • This breed results from three generations of an old breeding program of PaPa Buck Lane of Rebecca, Georgia, USA

  • Buck Lane's granddaughter, Lana Lou Lane, continued the breeding program until she passed away in her sleep on July 20th 2001

  • Like the Plott Hound, this muscular breed is the creation of one American Family, and its survival depends upon the nurturing it receives

  • The Animal Research Foundation (ARF) was the first all-breed registry to ever recognize the late Ms

    Spanish Mastiff Information
    General information about temperament, health problems, living conditions, exercise
    and grooming.

  • > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Web dogbreedinfo Spanish Mastiff (Mastín Español) (Mastín de España) (Mastin de la Mancha) (Mastin de Extremadura) (Mastin de Leon) Roxy, the female Spanish Mastiff at 5 years old Description The Spanish Mastiff is a stocky, robust, rustic-looking dog

  • The Spanish Mastiff has double dewclaws on it's hind feet, a characteristic this breed shares with such breeds as the Great Pyrenees

  • Although a very heavy breed, its movement should be free and flexible

  • However, these two types are not regarded as breeds of their own, but rather they are regional variants (the heavy type from the north and the light type from the south and central parts of the country) of the same breed and the two types often interbreed

  • Please note that like most LGD breeds, Spanish Mastiffs are in general, quite independent by nature, not very affectionate dogs in the same way a Golden Retriever, Poodle or Boxer (they could care less most of the time whether they are being petted/cuddled or not and often don't give much in return of affection) and are rather aloof, even to their owners

    Coton de Tulear Club of America Coton Club, Home of the Coton de ...
    Club and registry emphasizing the genetic heritage of the original Malagasy type
    Cotons. Breed history, photographs, breeding, genetics, news, articles, ...

  • Coton de Tulear breeders, Coton puppies, Coton de Tulear Code of Ethics, Parent Club for the Coton de Tulear breed, Coton books and publications, cotons available now, Coton de Tulear, American Kennel Club, Rare dog breed, Coton de Tulear health and genetics information, Coton de Tulear dog registry Coton de Tulear Club of America supports the pure bred companion dog breed called the Coton de Tulear, originally from Madagascar

  • This i the oldest and largest club for the breed, established 1976, and designed to protect the dogs, the breed and the buyers

  • home of the rare and wonderful Coton de Tulear rare breed dog

  • It is simply the most informative breed book ever written! There's more than 300 pages devoted to Coton health in this book and hundreds of the most beautiful, entertaining dog pictures

  • Learn why this breed is the MADAGASCAR Coton de Tulear and that many dogs today being sold as Cotons (some with fancy papers) are NOT Cotons but mixtures of Maltese, Bichon Frises, Havanese and even Poodles! Don't get ripped off by fancy-sounding foreign dogs

  • Looking for the finest, sweetest, most loving and intelligent Cotons available anywhere on the planet? Look no farther than a CTCA Code of Ethics Breeder

    Incredibly Rare Dogs
    A webring about this breed.

  • Welcome, Guest SEARCH: webring.com Web > > > > > Incredibly Rare Dogs Manager: SEARCH in This ring is for rare dog breeds only, such as Catahoulas, Neos, Dogue de Bordeaux, Tibetan breeds, etc

  • If you have a site about a rare breed, you're welcome to join! Personal pet pages, rescues, and reputable breeders of rare breeds are all welcomed

  • The Alaskan Husky is not really considered a breed of dog anywhere in the world

  • The Alaskan Husky breed is very young and because of the different lines of blood it possesses, it is difficult to characterize the dog into a standard breed

  • Includes information on over 200 breeds of dogs including new and developing breeds

  • A section just for Rare Breeds

  • Breeders are welcomed to submit their kennel for free

  • The German Spitz breeds descend from the Nordic herding dogs, like the Samoyed, which were probably taken to Germany and Holland by the Vikings during the Middle ages

  • The Stabyhoun (pronounced sta-BAY-hoon) is used as a gundog, although today often English and German breeds are more popular

  • Family pets, UKC GRCH & CH dogs, puppy pics, breed info, feeding info, webcam with litters, etc


    Spinone Club of America - Spinoni World Wide Web Ring
    Host site for web sites for Spinone owners and breeders. Links to sites that are
    connected by this web ring.

  • The Spinone Club Of America's mission is to promote the Spinone Italiano Dog Breed

  • Our intent is to offer you an open forum of information about this wonderful, relatively rare, dog breed

  • Here's a brief discussion of topics included on the SCOA's Main Spinone Italiano Web Site at : The Spinone Italiano Dog Breed or Spinoni Italiani (plural) is a Gun Dog with a wiry (wirehaired) coat and is considered a relatively rare breed

  • The Spinone is a Bird Hunting Dog belonging to the pointing dog breeds and he is an avid retriever

  • The Spinone has also been know as the Italian Griffon and has been considered one of the oldest breeds of Italian hunting dogs

  • In addition to bird hunting, this gun dog, which points and retrievers is considered one of the versatile hunting dog breeds which can be tested with the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA)

  • Some Spinone Club of America members have also competed in conformation events held by the Canadian Kennel Club ( CKC ), the Federation of Rare Breeds ( FORB ) and the United Kennel Club

  • The Spinone Club of America Web sites contain numerous pages of information and pictures of the breed and club members

    Dog Forum - Dog Training, Breeds & Healt
    A resource for dog owners, including articles. Covers specific breeds as well as
    general dog topics.

  • Dog Forum - Dog Training, Breeds & Healt Menu · · · · · · · · · · · · · Network Sites: Search Web Rover Web Rover Welcome to Web-Rover.com Dog forum Web-rover.com is a gathering place for dog lovers from all over the world

  • In addition to our popular dog forum, we offer a wide assortment of articles regarding topics like dog training, dog grooming, dog health, different dog breeds, the pet dog and the working dog, and miscellaneous dog tips where dog owners share their knowledge with each other

  • Share your favourite dog tip with other members, discus the pros and cons of different dog training approaches and meet other owners of you specific breed and learn about how they trained their dogs

  • Some dog health problems affect all breeds to the same degree, while others are much more common in a certain dog breed or groups of dogs

  • Before you get a dog, it is therefore a good idea to find out if any special dog health problems are related to the dog breed that you are interested in

  • A reputable breeder will make sure that necessary precautions are taken, such as letting a veterinarian check the hips of large dog breeds prone to hip dysplasia

    CDRN- Canaan Dog Rescue Network Home
    Dedicated to identifying, evaluating and placing Canaan Dogs in new homes.

    California Carolina Dog Breeder Connection Puppies, Homepage
    Northern CA breeder. Includes photos, breed history and standards and litter

  • Anthony, breeder of the finest Carolina Dogs available

  • They are United Kennel Club and American Rare Breed registered

  • Shown here by Elaine Eldredge, he won best of breed and best of group, as well as a rating of "excellent"

  • Vallejo CA 94590 Email: Telephone 707-642-7332 Site best viewed at 1024x768 resolution, 32-bit color © 2000-2001 CaliforniaCarolinaDogs.com american dog, dog breeder, american dingo, american dingoes, american dingos, american dingoe, dog breeder, dog breeders, dingo, dingoe, dog, dogs, breeder, breeders, watch dog, rare breed, rare dog, rare dogs, carolina dog, carolina dogs, exotic, exotic dog, australian, australia, australian dog, australia dog, aboriginal dog, native american dog, indian dog, native aboriginal american dog, hunting dog, hunting, herding, herding dog, herd, herder, family pet, puppy, puppie, puppy pictures, indian, puppies, puppys, puppies for sale, puppy photos, california dog breeder, california dog breeders, california carolina dog breeder connection, puppies for sale, rare dogs, american dingoes watchdogs, guard dog, guard dogs, playful, friendly, cute

    Canine Pharm Adorable Dog Breed Gift Items
    Herbal and homeopathic remedies and medicine for dogs, and breed-specific theme
    merchandise such as clocks and checkbook covers.

    Molosser Dogs
    Interactive portal for the owners of the descendants of the ancient Molosser Dogs.
    Users can post their own information and pictures.

  • Best regards, Gary Molosser Dogs - A community for molossers and Rare breeds

  • This site was launched on 23 February 2003 for all Molosser and Rare Breed owners, clubs, breeders, fanciers and preservation organizations from around the world

  • This is a place to gather and share information and ideas on the promotion, raising, training, showing and caring for the Molosser dogs and other rare breeds

  • Latest Forum Posts molosserdogs.com New Topics Poster Views Replies Last Poster 2653 157 Aug 09, 2006 at 09:32:16 528 16 Aug 09, 2006 at 09:17:03 92 7 Aug 09, 2006 at 08:59:23 292 22 Aug 09, 2006 at 08:45:19 345 25 Aug 09, 2006 at 07:12:44 75 6 Aug 08, 2006 at 20:28:06 146 9 Aug 08, 2006 at 20:27:12 888 44 Aug 08, 2006 at 10:19:02 163 6 Aug 08, 2006 at 08:00:34 35 1 Aug 08, 2006 at 07:57:10 Topics: 1761 | Posts: 12885 | Views: 327894 | Replies: 11171 | 7107 [ ] [ ] Listings From The Breeders Directory · · · · · · · · · · Donations Welcome Help keep MD online! Donat-o-Meter Stats August´s Goal: $200.00 Due Date: Aug 31 Amount in: $60.00 Balance: $57.66 Left to go: $142.34 Donations Anonymous $50 Aug-2 Anonymous $10 Aug-1 Who is chatting Who is chatting? 0 users in 1 room

    American Coton Club, Home of the Coton de Tulear Rare Breed Dog ...
    Emphasizes health and education for dogs, breeders and owners through Internet
    forums and American Coton Magazine. Site includes breeder listing, news, ...

  • Coton Breeders Forum For all Coton Breeders, Coton owners intending to breed, and those seriously interested in genetics and breed health The American Coton Club is the breed club sponsor for CERF , the Canine Eye Registration Foundation American Coton Club Home of the Coton de Tulear Rare Breed Dog The Coton de Tulear Club of the Americas Contact ACC: All Cotons All the Time Join ACC and receive the most recent issue of American Coton Quarterly

  • ACC is a full service membership club with emphasis on health and education Dedicated to preserving and maintaining the full and vibrant gene pool of the Coton de Tulear Contact ACC American Coton Club 3484 Waverley Street Palo Alto, CA 94306 phone: 650-494-0390 fax: 609-784-0390 email: acc@cotondogs.com photo credits: Teddy, a rescue Coton, by Gale Sostek; Foggy Phoebe at Baker Beach in San Francisco by Dan Bardon; Jespersen's Ajax wins Best of Breed at World Dog Show in Dortmund, Germany 2003 by Luis Ortiz

    Entlebucher Sennenhund, Swiss Cattle Dog, A Rare Breed
    Breeder of Entlebucher Sennenhund Mountain Dog. Links, photographs and information.

  • The breed originated in Switzerland as working farm dogs

  • Related Sites: History and Standards NEMDA Co-Founder and Member since 1998 Official NEMDA Breeder Code of Ethics Breeder If you have questions or comments, please contact |

    Home @CallCenter